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How do YOU like it? is presenting a new feedback channel for your business. Watch the video

People share their opinion with their surroundings without being asked.
We help you to catch this information on location with the help of QR-Codes
through an online questionnaire, ordered by you

  • with their mobile device (smartphone, tablet, handy) your customers scan the QR-Code
  • they see a device optimized version of the questionnaire
  • all answers are captured anonymously
  • your customers share their opinion on location or later on and rate several parameters according to the survey you ordered
    • friendlyness
    • competence
    • speed of service
    • recommendation etc.

In this way you can gather up-to-date and valuable information about your customer's satisfaction. With you can make sure that only people rate the questionnaire, that

  • are actually on location or
  • actually have your product in hands or
  • actually use your service

This is because your QR-Code to your survey can only be found on location. Profit from this new way of gathering feedback from your customers. Start your first survey today. Put your QR-Code on

  • coupons
  • parcels
  • at the POS
  • invoices
  • at the entrance
  • on your products
  • on stationery
  • in the waiting room
  • at the bar
  • in brochures
  • in flyers and other places

Simply put your QR-Code where you have a customer contact.

The replies using this method are much more sincere compared to similar surveys since to the customers it is not an annoying questionnaire. They share their opinion by choice and do not feel forced to reply to questions or to do someone a favor like with other surveys. Also there is no interviewer influence with this kind of survey.

Try it without obligations.

On you can start your own free and standardised satisfaction survey. The system creates a QR-Code automatically which you can then place at your location of survey. The person scanning the QR-Code will be redirected to the questionnaire site. Here the customer can assess the friendliness, competence, service and the quality of your offer via multiple choice and make a recommendation. The results are updated in real time and are shown in their entirety.

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